About Our Owners

Founders, JT and Mia Corrales with their kids, Cruze and Rome.

Founders, JT and Mia Corrales with their kids, Cruze and Rome.


On a trip to visit family in Bend, Oregon in 2010, we stumbled upon a local frozen yogurt shop that drew the whole community in for frozen treats in a great relaxed environment. From the moment we stepped foot inside that small shop, we fell in love with the idea! Having the background in our family’s local seafood business, Crabby Bill’s, we always have had a passion for the hospitality industry. Fast forward 2012, we took the plunge, and Ready Set Yo, and our son Cruze, were born.

Intent on offering a little something more for those who may not have a sweet tooth, we thought coffee would complement the dessert crowd quite well. We found a local roaster, Joffrey’s, which has been roasting in Tampa since 1983, and started to build our business.

After opening in early August, 2012, our market was much of the gym crowd from the large facility just 4 doors down…and so Pro Yo shakes were created! Having a low-cal, fat free, probiotic yogurt in our machines served as a great base for our shakes. We combine fresh fruits, natural peanut butter, espresso, etc., to create a healthy, low sugar shake, packed with whey or vegan protein.

Months down the road, we start to diversify into juicing, which has become a very large part of what we do. Using only fresh fruits and vegetables, we combine some great recipes that we believe would surprise even those who aren’t crazy about getting their greens. We are so passionate about how that avenue of our business has taken shape, that we now even offer 3 day juice cleanses.

At Ready Set Yo, you can also find some local based retail items, such as soy candles and Paleo baked goods. The heart of our business is in supporting other small local business. We believe there are great deals of individuals who feel the same way. We opened our doors to make a difference in the way people feel about local, support local, and enjoy local. The Gulf Beaches have a lot to offer, people just have to know where to find it.

We know the best times in seeing our business grow, has been through involvement outside of our four walls. We appreciate every one of our customers, and know it is because of them, that we are able to continue living our dreams!